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Where are you based and how do you ship?

We are based in Bavaria, Germany. We dispatch your hops fresh from a local cold storage warehouse every Monday! Learn more about our freshness promise.

When will my hops be shipped?

Before placing your order, you can always see the next shipping date on the website. Orders placed & paid until Saturday noon will be shipped the following Monday.

How much do I pay for shipping?

The flat shipping charge is only 4,90 € per order for deliveries to 29 countries across Europe (see table below).

Where do you deliver and when can I expect my hops?

We ship your hops to most business addresses in the EU + Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Note: Please get in touch for delivery to Malta, Cyprus and the Spanish / Portuguese islands.

Our delivery partner is UPS. You’ll receive a UPS tracking code with your shipping confirmation.

If you order a sample, we will send it untracked with Deutsche Post. Your sample will arrive with your normal mail in 3-5 working days.

We ship weekly, every Monday. If the delivery time is, for example, 1-2 working days, you would receive your hops Tuesday or Wednesday.

Estimated delivery times

Please bear in mind that the following delivery times are estimates provided by UPS.

Country Delivery time Notes
Austria 1-2 working days -
Belgium 1-2 working days -
Bulgaria 5-6 working days -
Croatia 5-6 working days -
Czech Republic 1-2 working days -
Denmark 2-3 working days -
Estonia 4-5 working days -
Finland 4-5 working days -
France 1-2 working days Mainland only
Germany 1-2 working days -
Greece 5-6+ working days Mainland only
Hungary 2-3 working days -
Ireland 2-3 working days -
Italy 2-3 working days -
Latvia 4-5 working days -
Liechtenstein 1-2 working days -
Lithuania 4-5 working days -
Luxembourg 1-2 working days -
Netherlands 1-2 working days -
Norway 3-6+ working days -
Poland 3-4 working days -
Portugal 3-4 working days Mainland only
Romania 3-4 working days -
Slovakia 3-4 working days -
Slovenia 3-4 working days -
Spain 3-4 working days Mainland only
Sweden 2-6+ working days -
Switzerland 1-2 working days -
UK & N. Ireland 2-3 working days -
Please note that we deliver to business customers only, all prices are shown excl. VAT