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Sample photo of German Hersbrucker hop cones © GfH


German Hersbrucker

2.8% Alpha Germany T90
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German Hersbrucker
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Floral, herbal with fruit notes and spice. Fine and mellow aroma.


Hersbrucker hops are perfect for light and dark lagers, pilsners and strong bock beers or Belgian-style ales.


A landvariety originally from the Hersbruck Mountains of Franconia but now widely grown in the Hallertau and other hop regions.

Hop Specs: German Hersbrucker Hops T90

Batch no VA19-382
Alpha acids ca. 2.8%
Total oil ca 1.0 ml / 100g
Aroma profile Floral, Herbal, Fruit Notes, Spice
Style Lager, Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Bock, Belgian-style Ales
Crop year 2019
Origin Germany - Hallertau
Pellet Type T90 pellet / Type 90 pellet
Packaging 5kg bags, nitrogen- and CO2-flushed
Storage 0 - 5°C, ISO 9001 certified cold storage facility
Last update 01 May 2020