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How are the hops stored?

Our warehouse partner, HVG, stores your hops in an ISO-certified, cold-storage warehouse, where the temperature is kept between 0-5°C. This temperature preserves the quality of your hops and is constantly monitored.

Just before we ship your order, we take the hops out of the storage facility and get them ready for shipping.

Read more about our freshness promise

Do I need to apply for an account before I can order?

No, you don’t need a contract or account. Just have your business details and VAT number ready before you order!

What’s the difference between T45 and T90 hop pellets?

T-90 pellets are the standard brewery pellet sold by the international hop trade. A T45 pellet has 50% of the cellulose material (strig, bracteols, etc) removed through a -35 degree Celsius sieving process just prior to pelletisation.

This removal of cellulose material concentrates the existing luplin glands resulting in pellets with higher levels of essential oils and alpha acids. T45 pellets can be a more efficient pellet for hop forward beers, depending on your recipe.

Please check out this blog post written by author and hop enthusiast Stan Hieronymus regarding the use of the T45 in craft beers:

Do you ship smaller quantities than 5kg (11 lbs)?

5kg is the smallest packaging size we currently offer. If 5kg is too much for you, why not share the hoppy goodness with your friends and fellow brewers? Sharing is caring!

How can I pay? What currencies do you accept?

We ship your order after payment via Shop Pay or PayPal. All prices are quoted in €uros. If you have a non-Euro bank account, PayPal or your credit card company might offer you a currency conversion service at the time of payment.

Please bear in mind that conversion rates change daily, which can influence the final price you pay in your local currency.

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Can I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, we will automatically send you a PDF invoice shortly after your order has shipped.

Our VAT number is DE306119074.

If you order from Germany, VAT (Umsatzsteuer) at the applicable rate will be added to the final price and invoice.

If you order from an EU country outside Germany and provide a valid EU VAT number, we won’t add German VAT. Instead, intra-EU reverse charge applies.

If you have any questions about VAT or your invoice, please get in touch.