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About us

Supporting Creative Breweries with Exceptional Hops

We (Daniel & Jan) have been friends & business partners for a very long time. And in the last 18 years, we’ve probably shared more than a pint or two.

We started G&U Hops in cooperation with Virgil Gamache Farms & HVG Germany to create an easy way to bring you fresh hops with amazing flavours. Together with our partners, we offer you consistent quality and professional advice around all your hoppy needs.

Based in the Hallertau region, Daniel found his passion for hoppy beer while hunting innovative beers at (micro) breweries around the world, trying delicious ales in the Pacific North West (big shout-out to Doug from Elliott Bay Brewing), and during pub crawls with Jan in Scotland.

Jan is originally from Germany but now lives in Edinburgh. Originally a fan of hoppy Pilsners, he found his love for IPAs through numerous trips to microbreweries throughout Scotland and the UK - and frequent visits to local pubs.

We work with passionate brewers who don’t compromise on the quality of their ingredients and strive to provide consistenly excellent brews to their fans. Get in touch anytime, we’d love to hear what you’re planning to brew next!

About Virgil Gamache Farms (VGF Inc)

Virgil Gamache Farms is the Home of Amarillo® Hops in the world-famous Yakima Valley. They have been continuously producing hops in Toppenish since 1932.

When the Amarillo® hop was discovered at their home farm in Washington in 1997, the family named the new variety “VGXP01,” in honour of then 84 year old family patriarch and founder, Virgil W. Gamache. The name represents Virgil Gamache eXPerimental 01.

The Amarillo® hop is still managed by the Gamache family and grown at the original family farm as well as on partner farms in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Germany. VGF deeply cares about sustainability, water conservation, protection of diverse plant and animal life, recycling, product safety and is committed to the well being of the company’s workers.

The Gamache family live and breath hops and we feel very lucky to have them as our close partner.

About HVG Germany

Founded in 1953, HVG (Hop Processing Cooperative) are one of the largest hop cooperatives in Germany and a reliable partner for German hop growers. HVG not only represent hop farmers of the four major German hop growing regions, but they also play a key role in supporting hop research, sharing hop knowledge and promoting German hops across the world. 

At their processing and storage facility in Mainburg (Bavaria), HVG turn the freshest hops from the Hallertau and surrounding growing regions into hop pellets, hop extract and other hop products.

Quality control is key to fresh hops - from production to harvest, processing and storage. To consistently produce high quality hops, HVG's member farmers follow strict quality guidelines and harvest protocols. You can learn more about HVG's Quality Cycle on their website. HVG are ISO 9001 certified and store hops in their own cold storage warehouse at 0-5°C.

HVG's warehouse team are highly experienced in making sure your hops are packaged safely and arrive at your brewery in perfect condition.