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German Amarillo® Hops

In Stock - Shipped on with our Freshness Promise 2018 Germany T45 concentrated brewing pellet

  • Amarillo® Hops grown and harvested in Germany
  • Stone fruit, balanced with floral notes and citrus
  • Concentrated T45 Brewing Pellets for supercharged flavour
  • Alpha Acids: 11.8 %
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Stone fruit, balanced with floral notes and citrus. Simply tasty and refreshing.


Amarillo® hops are the perfect match for American Pale Ale, American India Pale Ales, American Wheat, East Coast Hazy IPAs - and of course the beer that will make you famous


Grown by selected farmers in the five traditional hop regions of Germany. The plants are the same as in the US. But the different microclimate and soil composition in Germany adds unique qualities to the Amarillo® hop.

T45 vs T90 Brewing Pellets

Supercharge your next beer with Amarillo® T45! Concentrated T45 pellets contain 50% less vegetative material per kilo, meaning ca. 50% more alpha acids compared to traditional T90 brewing pellets.


  • 1kg T90 @ 7,8% alpha = 78g alpha per kg pellets
  • 1kg T45 @ 11,8% alpha = 118g alpha per kg pellets (+50% compared to T90)

These hops really pack a punch. You’re used to brewing with T90 pellets and want to achieve a similar flavour profile with T45? Use your previous alpha value as a guide and simply reduce the dosage of T45 hops in your recipe.

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Hop Specs

German Amarillo® Hops
Alpha acids 11.8 %
Beta acids 9.2%
Total oil 3.25 ml/100g
Aroma profile Stone fruit, floral, citrus
Style IPA, DDH, Hazy, Dry-hopped lager
Crop year 2018
Origin Germany
Pellet Type T45 concentrated brewing pellet
Packaging 5kg bags, nitrogen- and CO2-flushed
Storage 0 - 5°C, ISO 9001 certified cold storage facility
Last update 01 Aug 2019

Why Brewers like you choose G&U Hops

"We brewed a Belgian IPA with your German Amarillo® and it was very very well received. We were also very satisfied with your customer service and will recommend G&U Hops to fellow brewers."

Horia Ciocan, Head Brewer at Addictive Brewing, Oradea (Romania) bought German Amarillo® T45s

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T45 concentrated brewing pellet

German Amarillo® Hops

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