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Are American and German Amarillo® hops the same?

Yes. The plants are the same. They are being grown in different microclimates. These microclimates combined with VGF’s HopTechnic® harvest timing protocols enhance subtle, beneficial differences between growing regions.

What’s the flavour / aroma profile of German Amarillo® hops?

The Amarillo® VGXP01 hop is unique in the world of hops. It tastes like it smells. The flavour profile will change as it matures during harvest season.

The flavour range of our German production begins with a sweet candy, and lemon profile. It progressively moves to the classic middle harvest flavour notes of grapefruit, orange, floral, stone and tropical fruit and finishes with late harvest hints of garlic and onion.

Why not add Amarillo’s® refreshingly zesty flavours to your next brew?

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Where do Amarillo® hops grow in Germany?

Yes, you read right: Amarillo® hops made it over to Europe and have found a second home in Germany. All hops are grown by partner farmers in the five traditional hop growing regions of Germany.

We work closely with our partners Virgil Gamache Farms and HVG Germany to bring you the same great flavours and quality that you know from US-grown Amarillo® hops.

What’s the difference between T45 and T90 hop pellets?

T-90 pellets are the standard brewery pellet sold by the international hop trade. A T45 pellet has 50% of the cellulose material (strig, bracteols, etc) removed through a -35 degree Celsius sieving process just prior to pelletization.

This removal of cellulose material concentrates the existing luplin glands resulting in pellets with higher levels of essential oils and alpha acids. VGF believes this creates a more effective pellet for today’s hop forward beers.

Please check out this blog post written by author and hop enthusiast Stan Hieronymus regarding the use of the T45 in craft beers:

How are the hops stored?

Our warehouse partner, HVG, stores your hops in an ISO-certified, cold-storage warehouse, where the temperature is kept between 0-5°C. This temperature preserves the quality of your hops and is constantly monitored.

Just before we ship your order, we take the hops out of the storage facility and get them ready for shipping.

Read more about our freshness promise

Do I need to apply for an account before I can order?

No, you don’t need a contract or account. Just have your business details and VAT number ready before you order!

Do you ship smaller quantities than 20kgs (44 lbs)?

Yes, we do! You can order your German Amarillo® from 5kgs. However, our 20kgs boxes contain 4 separate packs of hops at 5kg each. Each pack is vacuum sealed. Simply open one pack when you need it. Keep the rest cool for perfect freshness.

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How can I pay? What currencies do you accept?

We ship your order after payment via PayPal or bank transfer. All prices are quoted in €uros. If you have a non-Euro bank account, PayPal or your credit card company might offer you a currency conversion service at the time of payment.

Please bear in mind that conversion rates change daily, which can influence the final price you pay in your local currency.


You can pay with PayPal using all major debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) and any bank accounts linked to your PayPal account.

With PayPal, you benefit from PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

SEPA Bank Transfer (Pre-payment)

Alternatively, you can pay via SEPA bank transfer. You will see our German bank account details (IBAN & BIC) on the order confirmation page and your invoice. Please check with your bank if you can use SEPA payments.

TransferWise is a quick, fast and secure way to save money on foreign exchange fees, if you’re paying from a non-Euro bank account.

Can I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, we will automatically send you a PDF invoice shortly after your order has shipped.

Our VAT number is DE306119074.

If you order from Germany, 19% VAT (Umsatzsteuer) will be added to the final price and invoice.

If you order from an EU country outside Germany and provide a valid EU VAT number, we won’t add 19% German VAT. Instead, intra-EU reverse charge applies.

If you have any questions about VAT or your invoice, please get in touch.

Please note that we deliver to business customers and brewing clubs only, all prices are shown excl. VAT