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T90 Hop Pellets

What are T90 Hop Pellets?

T90, or sometimes called P90 hop pellets, are the most commonly used hop pellet in the brewing industry. T90 hop pellets are dried, milled and pressed whole hop cones, which - on average - contain 90% of the non-resinous parts of the hop cone (90 kg pellets are made of 100 kg whole hops). All G&U hop pellets are nitrogen-flushed and vacuum-sealed for perfect freshness.

Unlike T45 hops, T90 pellets still have almost all of the original vegetative matter of the hop cone, like the stalk (strig), the small cone leaves (bract / bracteols) etc. The cellulose material doesn't necessarily carry flavours, as the hop's resin and essential oils are in the lupulin glands of the cone. With T90 pellets you get all the benefits of the whole hop combined with a longer shelf life and you'll save storage space in the brewhouse.

You can use T90 hop pellets at any stage of the brewing process, including dry-hopping. If you'd like to learn more about how our T90 pellets are processed, please check out HVG's T90 product specification.

How should I store T90 Pellets and do they expire?

T90's natural enemies are oxygen and big variations in air/room temperature. We recommend cold storage (between 0-5°C) as soon as you receive the hops. When you open a bag of T90 hops, only cut a small hole in the bag and reseal it airtight immediately.

If kept in perfect conditions (e.g. sealed in cold storage) and never exposed to temperatures over 25°C, hops can stay fresh for a long time. Since all G&U Hops are kept in a professional, temperature-controlled cold storage facility, hops from previous harvest years will only lose very little of their aroma and alpha acids.

You're not sure which type of pellet is right for you? If you have any questions about our T90 hop pellets, please just get in touch.