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German Amarillo® Hops (VGXP01)

In Stock 2018 Germany T45 concentrated brewing pellet

Experience the explosion of flavours possible with German Amarillo® hops from Virgil Gamache Farms. Think floral notes, balanced with stone fruit and citrus. Simply tasty and refreshing.

  • Amarillo® VGXP01 hops - grown, harvested and processed into T45 pellets in Germany
  • Amarillo® hops are the perfect match for American Pale Ale, American India Pale Ales, American Wheat, East Coast Hazy IPAs - and of course the beer that will make you famous
  • T45 pellets capture the essential oils and alpha acids of 2kg of raw hops in a 1kg package and have 50% less petal and stem material - ca. 50% more oils and alpha acids per kilo compared to standard T90 pellets
  • Half the trub in the kettle - perfect for any highly-hopped beer, 50% less cardboard and foil packaging

T45 vs T90 Brewing Pellets

Supercharge your next beer with Amarillo® T45! Concentrated T45 pellets contain 50% less vegetative material per kilo, meaning ca. 50% more alpha acids compared to traditional T90 brewing pellets.

  • 1kg T90 @ 7,8% alpha = 78g alpha per kg pellets
  • 1kg T45 @ 11,8% alpha = 118g alpha per kg pellets (+50% compared to T90)

These hops really pack a punch. You’re used to brewing with T90 pellets and want to achieve a similar flavour profile with T45? Use your previous alpha value as a guide and simply reduce the dosage of T45 hops in your recipe.

How to order an Amarillo® hops Sample

Simply choose 100g Sample in the dropdown. We will send you a personal voucher code for 4,90€ to use with your next order, which will save you 100% shipping costs if you decide to order more delicious Amarillo® hops.

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Package Contents

  • Amarillo® T45 Hop Pellets, 2018 German harvest in nitrogen- and CO2-flushed vacuum packaging
  • Individually sealed for perfect freshness (2 x 5kgs if you buy 10 kgs, 4 x 5kgs if you buy 20kgs - great for multiple batches or sharing!)

All hops are kept in an ISO 9001 certified, temperature-controlled facility at 0-5°C to guarantee perfect quality and minimise the loss of alpha acids during storage

Just before shipping, we remove your hops from cold storage and send them straight to you.

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